Caffeine is one of the most important modern electronic applications that was announced recently, and the nature of the work of this application was searched for by all users of smartphones of various versions.

Many people suffered from the problem of the screen locking while leaving the screen, and of course many people were bored by this, especially when opening conversations or when using any social media application and others.

In addition, everyone is unable to complete anything besides browsing on the phone, because the screen will turn off if you do not pay attention to it, but with the Caffeine application we will not suffer from such matters again.

The phone screen will also remain open after this feature is set for the phone via Caffeine. Follow us and we will update you on the features and nature of the application.

Features of the Caffeine

Features of the Caffeine

Features of the Caffeine application

  • This application allows you to keep the screen of your tablet device, such as phone, iPad, etc., turned on for longer periods.
  • It puts in your hand the keys to control the automatic shutdown of the phone screen, thus you will be able to accomplish the tasks you want.
  • You will be able to search for items and things that are important to you without any malfunction.
  • You will not suffer from the problem of locking the screen while reading long text or novels and books on the phone, because you will get rid of it.
  • With the Caffeine application, you will not need to touch the screen from time to time so that it does not shut down and the content you are watching is lost.
  • You can select the screen duration that suits you according to your whims and desires.
  • The application enables you to set rules that will be applied when the screen is turned on in light of the battery level.
  • One of the most important features of the application is that it works by sensor, meaning that you can set it to automatically close by simply putting it in the pocket.
  • Caffeine has different working modes and modes, as you can set it to night or day mode.
  • The application serves the characteristics of movements and clicks through which certain actions and tasks are performed.
  • The ideal solution for those who want to use the Instagram application and do not want the messages they write to be wasted if the screen is closed.

Information about the application

  • This application can be viewed as the key to controlling the phone’s automatic lock screen.
  • In addition, in order for it to work as required of it after downloading it onto the target device, it must be granted all the required and necessary permissions.
  • You can also control the application’s settings according to what suits you.
  • The application also includes a very large set of features that you, as a user, will be able to customize for your screen.
  • Moreover, you will control what you want to watch easily and effectively through the Caffeine application.
  • The application also includes a special lock screen timer, which no one can control except you.


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