Lansweeper is one of the most important programs that has a lot of capabilities and resources for managing companies’ technical access and is widely accepted by many IT professionals who specialize in supervising networks and how to manage them. It offers many features that make it one of the best programs to use and instantaneously on all devices operating on the network, including Windows, Mac, and others. It also allows easy tracking of programs installed on company devices that do not have real licenses to run them, which helps avoid problems and pitfalls resulting from not using licensed programs. It also gives users the ability to supervise all resources, technical equipment, devices, and any programs.




  • Lansweeper provides many features, and one of its most important features is supervising all information related to software licensing. It also scans address ranges.
  • In addition, it gives the ability to manage both network and hardware stores and complete software updates automatically and instantly.
  • In addition, it allows direct management of inventory data and easy access to it without any complications.
  • It also allows us to control all resources and control In addition, it facilitates the inventory and verification of devices and is suitable for all large, small and medium-sized companies and freelancers.
  • It also expands users’ vision by allowing us to find assets and resources that we did not know about.
  • It also reduces all unnecessary costs and contributes to reducing legal problems related to non-compliance with standards.
  • In addition, it is easy to identify all the devices connected to the network, and within a few minutes.
  • it is possible to obtain quick scans and provide results about all the devices located on the same network. Moreover, during this, all users can easily classify and sort according to custom categories and more in terms of management.
  • In addition, it allows managing all computers and networks and benefiting from all the services that are provided through its tools.
  • which help in performing a complete scan that identifies all the devices, IP addresses, and all devices used on the network.

Information about Lansweeper

  • Lansweeper is one of the most prominent programs that does not require many requirements, as all it needs is Windows 7 or higher than this.
  • It also does not require a large storage space and does not consume a lot of hardware resources connected to the network.
  • In addition, it does not require a specific type of processor, and it is one of the most prominent programs that does not require prior experience before using it, as it has an easy and simple interface to handle.
  • Moreover, it provides users with the ability to detect excessive or abusive use of the company’s software licenses.
  • as it provides detailed and accurate information about this and also sends alerts about automatically pop-up programs and many other actions.
  • It also enables users to obtain a comprehensive dashboard about the resources and devices operating on the company’s network and enables users to benefit as much as possible.

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