Google Meet

 Google Meet program is one of the most important paid services within the global company Google, within a wide range of services it provides, and it has a great place among the most used applications, as Google decided to turn its service free for all users, enabling anyone to use its service and join group video chats.

Privacy is fully protected over the phone or via your computer. Moreover, it is distinguished by being among the most prominent integrated services to enable users to join live meetings.

Whether in terms of an email invitation or via a calendar event, it works to provide all the details for important events in case they are needed, whether during joining via a smartphone or computer or during a conference room.

It also contributes to eliminating all the hassles of joining video calls at work, as all users need is to set up a meeting and share its link, and it is smooth and fast to use and has smart management.




  • Google Meet is one of the most prominent applications that do not require additional programs.
  • You do not need to download any applications attached to it, unlike what happens with other applications in the same field that may need to install applications attached to the browser.
  • In addition, it is available on all versions of smartphone systems and is now available for iPhone and various other systems.
  • It does not require codes or passwords if you want to use Google Meet services via your computer.
  • You can enter the meeting once you click on the meeting link and grant access to the microphone and camera.
  • It does not require any passwords or codes to enter, like other applications in the same field.
  • It is also the most secure and stable, and many international reports indicate that Google Meet is
  • one of the most prominent applications that enjoys high quality, security and stability.
  • Hold video calls for up to 60 minutes, as its free version gives the ability to view these calls up to a maximum.
  • The number of subscribers to one video call through the application reaches 100 subscribers per call, which makes it the most superior among the applications.

Information about the program

  • Many people can now use Google Meet, whether for conferences, meetings, or distance learning. All users need to do is subscribe to the free version, go to the Google Meet page, then enter the name, email, country.
  • and your basic use of this service. Then determine whether the use is commercial, personal, or educational and agree to all terms of service.
  • Click on the submit button and after completing all procedures, we will receive a notification when the service is ready for our use.
  • Also, access to the free version of this service enables us to use it while navigating to Google, opening the application on Android or iPhone, or starting a meeting through Google Calendar. 

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