How To Customize Your Windows 7 Theme

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How To Customize Your Windows 7 Theme
In this tutorial I will guide you to be able to customize every things in your Windows 7 Theme ( Desktop Background ,Sounds ,Cursors, Icons) to make it more suitable to your screen resolution and  your usage.
To get access to the windows where you can control your Windows 7 Theme ––>
Right Click on The Desktop and choose Personalize

Window Will appear from it you can change your current Windows 7 Theme or Modify it

I- How To Customize Your Desktop Background

– Click on the Desktop Background in the windows

  1. You can deselect the wallpapers that you don’t like by uncheck in the little square or select them all
  2. You can  change the Wallpapers position between (Fill-Fit-Stretch-Title-Center)
    The default in my Special Themes is the Fill mood and that is the best and suitable for all screen resolution and is the bestest in Widescreen resolutions (1280×800-1440×900-1680×1050-1920×1200-2560×1600) …  but may be Stretch Mood is better in the standard screen resolutions (800×600-1024×768-1280×960-1280×1024-1600×1200) if your screen is on the standard resolution you can try this mood and choose what is best for you
  3. You can change the rate of wallpaper changing you can make the wallpaper change from 10 seconds to 1 day and the default in my theme is 30 minutes and this is best for my special themes because there are a lot of wallpapers in them XD
  4. You can make the wallpapers changing randomly or in order by check or uncheck the shuffle square
  5. you can browse another wallpaper or folder of wallpapers if you wanna
  6. when you done click on save changes


II- if the theme sounds so high for you

you can decrease it or turn it off by click on the speaker icon
in the right of the taskbar next to the clock and then click on mixer and then reduce system sounds



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