Radiance Windows 7 Skin Pack

Easily Install Radiance Skin pack, you install it and uninstall it simply like a program.

Download Free Radiance Windows 7 Skin Pack

Radiance Skin pack have very beautiful glass appearance and very beautiful icons too that you like a lot.

the very beautiful Radiance Created by minhtrimatrix.

Skin pack created by hameddanger.

Skin Packs installer have easy and safe install option , Please uninstall old or other version of skin packs before install new version. Before install disable user account controller and close all running program , after finish restart your system, you can uninstall the pack from the control panel like any program.

There are X86 and X64 types of the Pack so choose the type that corresponding to you Windows 7.

The Skin pack also contains: Resource Hacker 3.6 by angus johnson
Moveex 1.0 by Alexander Frink
Universal Theme Patcher by deepxw
RocketDock 1.3.5 by PunkSoftware


5 thoughts on “Radiance Windows 7 Skin Pack

  1. Helmi

    Hi there. I have installed this, it works perfectly on my system. The thing is, my SSD booted up fast after the login screen previously, with this it takes time to load after that. Anyway to make it faster?

    1. I7V Post author

      i don't know really but may be you try c cleaner program it is free .. uninstall some programs .. clean your case with blower

  2. Helmi

    Thanks for your fast reply. Done everything. Now I've uninstalled it, it seems after the login screen, it turns to black screen (when this installed, it was greyish) for quite a few seconds then only all my auto-started programs and widgets pop up all at once (due to SSD). Before this it wasnt like this. And ive tried do a system restore as well, it seems something has gone wrong with my system. Anybody else faces this?

    1. I7V Post author

      i think if one faced the same problem he would complain .. you may uncheck some programs from starting up with your windows

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