Special Topic Special Windows Themes

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Special Topic Special Windows Themes
Half year from i started my site and starting creating Windows Themes,  and this topic is celebration of this and of my new domains too “www.windowsthemesfree.com” my old one was “www.windows7themesfree.com” so it will be great post i will put links to all my special Windows Themes and all my special tutorials and every new themes and tutorials will be added so you it will be easy for you to find the theme that you need and the new ones too .. and off course My Special  Themes works as and as they works on both and and contains icons sounds and cursors so all you need to do just bookmark this page and when you wanna new appearance for your Windows , Visit it .. and i hope any broken download links reported here and you can contact me on
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Those are my personal accounts and This is new Video for the new Domain

and Now the time for the links

I- Special Windows Themes : works on both Windows 7 and Windows 8
Games Special Themes


StarCraft II

NFS Hot Pursuit

Little Big Planet


Super Mario Galaxy 2

Kingdom Hearts

Gears Of War 3

Call OF Duty Modern Warfare 3


Max Payne

Skyrim Elder Scrolls Cold Steel

Angry Birds


NFS Most Wanted 2012




25 jan Egyptian Revolution



Green World


Semi-Special Themes



New Automatic Updated Bing

II- Special Tutorials & Downloads

Center Your Taskbar Icons

Little Tweaker

Taskbar Texturizer

Shortcut key to open another instance

Ultimate Windows 7 Tweaker

Ultimate FixWin Utility

Prevent Messing Around With Your Data

Add New Shortcuts To Windows 7 Desktop Context Menu

Change Folder Colour Icons Shape Easily

New Start Menu

Free Virus, Spyware & Malware Protection From Microsoft

Windows 8 Auto-Colorization

Metro Twit Desktop Twitter

XWidget Best Dynamic Widgets

How To Disable Windows 7 Blur With One Click

Best Free Programs To Burn CDs & DVDs

Best 3 Free Programs To Partition You Hard Drive

How To Setup Windows 8 Visual Style

Skip Metro in Windows 8

Best Free Alarm Program For Windows

Keep Your Windows New & Clean With CCleaner

Best Free Very Powerful Dictionary “Lingoes”

Windows 8 Start Screen Background Changer

Ribbon Disabler for Windows 8

Metro UI Tweaker For Windows 8

“ViStart” Free Startmenu For Windows 8 With Many Skins

AutoPin Controller For Windows 8

Start Screen Tiles Rows Adjuster For Windows 8

Windows 7 3rd Party Themes





Windows 8


Android 2


Light Zune

New Year 2012


Android Ice-cream Sandwich

Mac OS X Lion Ubuntu Vienna Gnome
Noroz Longhorn Metro 8 Tango
Vista Angry Birds Space Google Chromium OS Clear Glass Metallic Red
Darkclear7 Final


Dark Lion IOS

Pink Polka

Silver Wooden Lion

Jelly Bean




Glow Air Final

U-7imate RC4

Blue Alienware

CatDo. The redSand


Dark Mango

Windows 8 3rd Party Themes


Aqua World OSX


Vista Basic V2


Edge8 Next Generation



Space Blueberries 4.8




Any New Themes and Tutorials will be added bookmark this page and have fun.

12 thoughts on “Special Topic Special Windows Themes

  1. @sportygoddess

    the looks of theme is really cool..your a genius!:) i really want to download one of your themes but i cant find any download link..:(__

  2. @sportygoddess

    the looks of theme is really cool..your a genius!:) i really want to download one of your themes but i cant find any download link..:(__

  3. I7V

    you will find download link word in the end of each post click on it and you will find download word between the two ads blocks click on it you will finally arrive 😀
    My recent post Special Topic Special Windows 7 Themes

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