Cute Windows 7 Theme Icons Funny Sounds Cursors

Download Free Cute Windows 7 Theme Icons Funny Sounds Cursors
Cute Windows 7 Themes With Cute Icons, Cute Funny Sounds & Cute Cursors
Cute Theme , one of the most beautiful and cute Windows 7 Themes you can find all over the web < this theme i created specially to add a romantic and sensitive feelings to your desktop you will find in it any cute thing on earth !! ( bunnies,  buddies, cats, dogs, danbo, ducks, bears …. )
what cute Windows 7 Theme consist of :-
– Cute windows 7 theme consist of some amazing and cute icons that will amaze you
– Cute 19 Wallpapers for all cute things i mentioned before and more !!
– Funny Cute Sounds includes baby laugh speak and other things i will let you to discover it and i wish you comment me about your opinion
-to install it just click on the Thempack as always and have fun and i hope you subscribe me to support me

– If you vista or xp and wanna install this theme on your pc read this



3 thoughts on “Cute Windows 7 Theme Icons Funny Sounds Cursors

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    1. I7V Post author

      themepack is the extension "type" of file who setup themes on Windows 7 .. it appears in the end of the file name if u enabled it .. you will find every theme under its name

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