Path Windows 7 Visual Style

Black Elegant Windows 7 Visual Style.

Includes versions
1. Path  – this version without sides, so it is advisable to use the program “Windows 7 Aero Blur Tweaker”
2. Path_basic

Download Free Path Windows 7 Visual Style

You can use it with any of these icon packs Windows 7 Icon Packs.

You could use also Path vs extra system-files.

If you wanna have full transparency with this theme, you can use either of Have Full Windows Transparent With Glass2k or Full Glass Tool To Simple Windows Explorer Transparency.

Visit this link to know The Easiest Way To Apply / Install The 3rd Party Themes For Windows 7.

In the archive:


  • ExplorerFrame PNG&BMP
  • ExplorerFrame 32x
  • ExplorerFrame 64x
  • Preview



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