How To Disable Windows 7 Blur With One Click

Aero’s blur is default appearance of ,Now you can disable it and have crystal glass appearance for your Aero.

You can disable it by small program by one click without needing to any setup or restart just seconds and you disable it and restore it too.

Download Free How To Disable Windows 7 Blur (2)

go to the folder corresponding to the type of your windows and click on patch.bat and u must run it as administrator to work to disable the blur

and click on off.bat to restore it .. that is simple.



21 thoughts on “How To Disable Windows 7 Blur With One Click

    1. Lucky

      not restored.. i had full glass but now that is not working i wanna restore my theme.. please tell me ???

      1. I7V Post author

        i don't fully understand .. to restore blur right click on off.bat and click on run as administrator. this is not theme this just changes how the aero looks like.

        1. Lucky

          i did same as you said.. but my aero theme is not working……i know it is not a theme. i had glass task bar but now that is not.if you have any video of this tool then give me link. if don't have then please tell me solution…??

          1. I7V Post author

            i will tell u two solutions .. u may open personlization by right click on the desktop and choose it and then choose any intsalled theme i.. if this didn't work you may restore your system to recovery point by right click on My computer then choose properties then choose action center from the left bar then click on recovery in the right of the bottom then click on open system restore then click on next then finish ur windows will take sometime then restart then every thing will go back as before

          2. Lucky

            ok. but when i click on "sys restore" i will lost everything (data) or only theme….??

          3. I7V Post author

            it will restore ur data to previous date only the date is written may be two days or morning it depends upon when windows update or when you installed serious program

          4. Lucky

            hy do you know how i can change my screen res? i have now 1024*600 and the icons are larges i want to add more screen res. on my netbook. if you know ten please tell me?

          5. I7V Post author

            right click on your desktop and then choose screen resolution but you have maxmium resolution according ur video card and you screen and you must install video card drive software to have this maximum resolution

          6. I7V Post author

            if you have the original windows that come with ur note book so it is definitely installed on it

          7. I7V Post author

            not mean original i mean that setuped by the factory of ur laptop if u have it then right click on your desktop and then choose screen resolution

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